I was always amazed by the way gardens transform a space. What makes a garden special? Is it the amount of time we want to spend there? What we do in the space? Is it a place to work, to grow food, sit and reflect? to look at beautiful vistas? Or is it a little bit of everything?
We are blessed to live in a climate that is the envy of the world. The plants we can grow here are always too numerous to count. The ability to play, entertain and work in our gardens can be enjoyed almost year round. We would be crazy not to develop our gardens into extensions of our homes.

I received my Masters level certificate from the 4-year UCLA Landscape Architecture program in 2010, and have been fortunate to be a part of the design team for projects for low income housing in the City of Santa Monica, the UCLA Dental Clinic in Venice, religious preschool play space and many residential properties.
Inspired by art and architecture, I always strive to create gardens that are reflections of the way we live.


Erin Foley King


design philosophy